Week of Letters and Artwork for Fidencio Begins Today!

Hello friends and comrades,

We wanted to take the opportunity to send a reminder that the week of letter writing and artwork in solidarity with our imprisoned compa Fidencio Aldama begins today and runs through Saturday, June 26. 

You can read the call in its entirety here, but the basics are that this week we’re encouraging everyone to write letters or create art (either individually or as part of an event) for Fidencio and to email them to us at [email protected]. The letters and art can be in Jiaki, Spanish, or English and will be delivered to Fidencio directly. Let us know if you have any questions or if you’re planning an event. We’d love to hear about it and spread the word!

We’ve already begun to receive letters and artwork and can’t wait to share these demonstrations of solidarity with Fidencio and his family. (And to show the state that is keeping him unjustly imprisoned that we’ve got his back.) If you can’t put something together this week, don’t hesitate to send letters or art at any time, and we’ll be sure Fidencio receives it.

We’re aware of events planned in various locations throughout the so-called United States, Mexico, and Germany. The campaign has also received significant support from independent media. Most notably, Daliri Oropeza wrote a moving column for Pie de Página called “Letters to Fidencio” that we have translated into English here. Along with Pie de Página, in Mexico, news of the campaign has been published by Avispa Midia, the National Indigenous Congress, Desinformémonos, Ké Huelga Radio, Resumen Latinoamericano, Educa, and Noticias Anticarcelarias. In the US, articles have appeared on It’s Going Down, AMW English, and El Enemigo Común.

We’ve heard from Carmen, Fidencio’s partner, that he is thrilled and excited about the campaign. Please join us in spreading the word about both this campaign and the ongoing struggle for Fidencio’s freedom. And if you’re able, we welcome donations here. As always, all funds go directly to meeting the needs of Fidencio and his family.

Thank you for your support and solidarity!

Fidencio Aldama Support Group

Free Fidencio Aldama

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