Update Regarding the Negation of Fidencio’s Appeal

Regarding the appeal in the case of Fidencio Aldama Pérez, the result was again negative. They again found Fidencio guilty. His sentence of fifteen years and six months was upheld. I just spoke with Fidencio Aldama’s lawyer. He is concerned because the judges who will decide the writ of amparo, they had returned Fidencio’s appeal case to the appellate court because the appellate judges had not reviewed Fidencio’s case. Nonetheless they found him guilty. The fact is that the appellate judges are supposed to have reviewed the case of Fidencio. However, they continue with the same attitude and with the same response, that Fidencio is guilty. Now the case of Fidencio will advance to the next legal stage, to the writ of amparo. The judges who will decide on the writ of amparo have already taken account of the fact that there are anomalies, there are injustices in Fidencio’s case. That is why they had returned the appeal.

Do you remember? I imagine that you do remember what I told you. I sent you all an audio about this. So now, to notify you all compañeros, that in the appeal process, the result was negative and he was again found guilty. Now we will go directly to the writ of amparo but I would like you to support us by applying pressure there in Mexico City, or wherever you are, to see what can be done with the imposition carried out by the governor, Claudia Pavlovic, imposing her will to continue saying that Fidencio is guilty. The appellate judges are still with the government, colluding with the government, and that is why the negative result came again.

So, if you can support us compañerxs, I don’t know, maybe applying pressure. You all know more about this than I because I have never been the wife of a political prisoner. Not until now. If you can support us by applying pressure. I would like to ask from the bottom of my heart that you help us. You all know that this time of the year, in December, is very sad when you have a family member far away. More so that he is in jail, and not with us. Not with our children. Not with me. Not with his family. It’s very sad and that is why I ask for your support. Nothing more. This message was to notify you all of what is happening in the case of Fidencio.

I send you all greetings and a strong embrace. All the good vibes I have left and my strength. Thanks for your support.

Fidencio with Bass

Free Fidencio Aldama

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