Fidencio Aldama Libre
A Conversation: Fidencio Aldama, Yaqui Resistance and a Multi-National Gas Pipeline
To understand the context of essentially Yaqui resistance and defense of their land that goes back centuries…
To Dismantle a Gas Pipeline and Sell it as Scrap Metal: A History of Yaqui Women
The gas pipeline was already a foregone conclusion, at least that’s what the company, the subsidiary, and the government of Sonora thought. They were wrong. Yaqui women narrate how they have stopped this project.
Fidencio and his Mom
New Website Launched in Solidarity with Yaqui Political Prisoner Fidencio Aldama Pérez
New bilingual website to expand solidarity efforts with Fidencio Aldama, his family, and the community of Loma de Bácum.
Fidencio con Banda
Update Regarding the New Appeal
We hope this is over soon so we can go visit our loved ones. Here in Sonora, in Ciudad Obregón, those of us that know people in prison, we have not visited to avoid something bad happening to them.
Fidencio with Bass
Update Regarding the Negation of Fidencio’s Appeal
The result was again negative. They again found Fidencio guilty. His sentence of fifteen years and six months was upheld.
Fidencio Thumbs Up
Audio giving context to the struggle in Loma de Bácum and Fidencio’s arrest
I only ask those that listen to this audio, that you help me to get Fidencio free. If you can share this audio, or if you can help us with this struggle, I would be so grateful.

Free Fidencio Aldama

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