News and Updates from the Fidencio Aldama Support Group #1

This is the first of an irregular newsletter providing updates on the case of Fidencio Aldama Pérez, Indigenous Yaqui land defender and political prisoner serving a 15+ year sentence in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, for resisting pipeline construction in his territory. It is also an ongoing call to action and solidarity in the struggle for his freedom.

In mid-April we launched, an English-Spanish bilingual support website and organizing node meant to raise awareness about Fidencio’s case and help facilitate solidarity efforts in the struggle for his freedom. We also released a communique and a video message from Fidencio inviting folks to get involved.

At the beginning of May, Pie de Página published a series of articles “exploring the past, present and future existence of the Yaqui people, their demand for justice and their defense of dignity.” One article specifically addressed the struggle against the Sonora Pipeline and the role Fidencio Aldama and his family have played in that struggle. We encourage you all to check that out.  

In mid-May, a member of our crew gave an interview on the D Report, speaking to Fidencio’s case and international solidarity efforts fighting for his release. Also in May, Al Jazeera+ en Español put out a short video on Fidencio’s case and the struggle in Loma de Bácum.

At the end of May, Carmen Garcia Aldama, Fidencio’s partner, participated in an FTP (Fuck the Pipelines) studies event organized in Casa C.O.A.T.L, an autonomous/ Indigenous run space in Tongva territory (Los Angeles, California). The event brought together Indigenous and BIPOC women from Canada, Mexico, and the United States, to talk about organizing against pipelines and for land defense. The discussion will be posted later in the month of June. Follow the Casa C.O.A.T.L IG page for updates. 

Fidencio remains in good spirits, considering everything. He has been working as a barber inside the prison as a way to bring in extra cash, and he continues with his woodwork—something which we hope to make available for purchase sometime soon. Furthermore, in mid-May, Fidencio began daily classes to finish his high school diploma.

On the legal side, Fidencio’s attorney filed an appeal on September 20, 2020. We are awaiting the resolution of that appeal in order to map out what will follow. Fidencio’s legal case is filled with irregularities and inconsistencies. Pressure from the streets, alongside the legal defense efforts, will be crucial in the push for his freedom.

We are launching a letter writing and art campaign June 20-26, encouraging people to write letters to Fidencio and/or make art that can be used for propaganda purposes as we step up pressure in the struggle for his release. There will be more to come, but letters and artwork can be sent in English or Spanish to [email protected].

That’s all for now. Remember to check out the resources page on the website where you can download a two-fold pamphlet about Fidencio’s case, along with solidarity artwork, to be printed and spread far and wide. You can also donate money to Fidencio’s solidarity fund to help cover his legal fees and immediate living expenses for him and his family.

Free Fidencio Aldama! Free All Prisoners!

Photo: Daliri Oropeza

Free Fidencio Aldama

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