A Conversation: Fidencio Aldama, Yaqui Resistance and a Multi-National Gas Pipeline

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“ …to understand the context of essentially Yaqui resistance and defense of their land that goes back centuries… you can really start the story in 1533 or we can start it today and the issue ultimately is the same. It is unchanged for the past nearly 500 years. As is the case with much of the settler-colonial  project of the Americas…” 
-Scott, Fidencio Aldama Support Group

Topics: Yaqui Resistance, Fidencio Aldama, Gas pipeline construction, Loma de Bacum
Title: A Conversation: Fidencio Aldama, Yaqui Resistance and a Multi-National Gas Pipeline
Participants: Scott, Member of Fidencio Aldama Support Group
Publish Date: 05/23/2021
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Discussion Topics:

  • Yaqui Political Prisoner Fidencio Aldama
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  • What is the history of Indigenous people’s claim to the land, and resistance in protection of the  land?
  • 1533 can be a starting point to understand  present Yaqui communities’ resistance in protection of themselves and  their homelands.
  • What are the eight communities the comprise the Yaqui nation?
  • Why  does a U.S-based energy company want to build a  gas pipeline through Yaqui territory in  Sonora Mexico?
  • How is the connection to an ancestral land a defining element for many indigenous   communities?
  • Why is asking indigenous  people to move different  from asking non-_indigenous people to move from New York to Los Angeles?
  • Los Angeles is on occupied Togva land?
  • Is it possible to organize against settler-colonial-nation states  such as  Canada, United States of America, and Mexico?
  • The Yaqui people hold a memory of themselves  before Spanish colonization, before the country of Mexico and before USA corporations.
  • What is the responsibility of people inside the US  for the actions of  American companies  injuring people outside of the Unites States?
  • When we talk about environmental issues, do we forget to include indigenous people?
  • How are environmental issues tied to structural racism?
  •  Is the fight against the North Dakota Pipeline similar to the fight against the Sinaloa gas pipeline?
  • Why  have Indigenous people been paying the price for other people’s comfort.
  • The company IEnova, that is building a gas pipeline through Yaqui territory in Sonora Mexico is a subsidiary of Sempra  Energy, based in San Diego California.
  • The gas pipeline  would pass through Yaqui  territory but would not  provide gas to the Yaqui community?
  •  Did Sempra  energy receive  consent from all Yaqui communities to build a gas pipeline through Yaqui territory?
  • What are the legal processes for international corporations to build on indigenous land?
  • Loma de Bacum sued the energy company to halt construction of the Guaymas-El Oro gas pipeline through their territory.
  • On August 26, 2016  the court of Sonora ruled that the gas pipeline construction through Yaqui territory had to stop because they company did not have consent.
  • When the gas company  ignored the court’s order to stop construction, the Yaqui community  stopped construction through direct action.
  • What happened during the attack in Loma de Bacum  that resulted in the death of one person?
  • Why was Fidencio Aldama  taken into custody by the  prosecutor of  Sorona?
  • What are the contradictions in the evidence used against Fidencio Aldama?
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