About Fidencio

Fidencio Aldama Pérez, born on November 16, 1989, is an Indigenous Yaqui community organizer and land defender originally from the town of Loma de Guamúchil, Sonora, in northern Mexico. In 2009, Fidencio moved to Loma de Bácum, the town next to his, after marrying his wife Carmen, who is originally from there. Together they have two children, who are ages ten and six.

In Loma de Bácum, Fidencio quickly got involved in matters related to the community, participating actively in the traditional guard and serving as a volunteer in the community fire department and as a first responder. When the state and federal authorities approved the Sonora Pipeline to pass through Yaqui territory, Fidencio joined the resistance, sharing information and organizing in Yaqui towns against the pipeline project.

Before being unjustly imprisoned, Fidencio loved playing soccer with his children and the community. His favorite team is C.F. Pachuca. He is a talented singer and musician, playing the guitar, bass, accordion, and flute. He has long been involved in practicing, teaching, and strengthening the culture and traditions of the Yaqui people, including playing guitar in traditional Yaqui ceremonies and participating in communal dances. For Fidencio, his identity as Indigenous and Yaqui is extremely important, something he has passed on to his children. His vision is for a Yaqui territory that fully belongs to the Yaqui people and from which no one can be displaced. For more information about his case, see the timeline, news, and resources sections.

About Us

We are an all-volunteer, transnational collective with members located in various corners of the territories referred to as Mexico and the United States. We are anti-authoritarian abolitionists with decades of experience in anarchist, abolitionist, anti-colonial, anti-repression, and prisoner support activities and movements. In close coordination with Fidencio and his partner Carmen, we’ve come together to grow awareness of Fidencio’s case and the struggle in which it is rooted, as well as to mobilize international solidarity to demand his immediate release. All donations made to the campaign go directly to providing material support for Fidencio, his family, and legal expenses related to his case. We can be reached at [email protected].

Free Fidencio Aldama

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